Pornstar Platinum – Lily Craven

Pornstar Platinum - Lily Craven

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WTF are you doing Sergeant Miles, your fucking porn stars again? I mean your wife goes out of town & you start fucking every porn star that comes by! Look at you, you have cum, dripping off the tip of your cock! Don’t even try to deny it, I know wtf you’re doing! You have been a naughty boy, so what are you going to do to keep me quiet? Maybe you want me to tell your wife, we are good friends, as you know. But I have another idea, I’ll keep my mouth shut, & you fuck me good! Sergeant Miles agreed, & in turn I got the opportunity to see why all the porn stars love his cock! I have been living next door to Miles for years & he never let me in on his big secret! After we fucked, I made sure to remind Miles not to forget our agreement, see you tomorrow Sgt. Miles!

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